Metrowest Speech & Language Center

After 25 plus years of working with children and adolescents, in a variety of settings, who come to the table with all different types of abilities and backgrounds Melissa has developed the following belief system when providing Speech and Language Services:

  • First and foremost, treat every child and their family with respect, they are the customer
  • Identify every child's strengths and build from there
  • Recognize that we are all different types of learners, identify how each child learns and teach through those modalities
  • Identify how every child communicates and facilitate multi-modal communication skills as appropriate
  • Create individualized instruction that is relevant to meet needs
  • Promote independence, generalization, and self-advocacy skills across environments
  • Develop skills across disciplines by integrating academics, fine/gross/visual motor, self-regulation/attention, self-help, music and the arts, critical thinking and reasoning skills into tasks/activities 
  • Provide clear expectations
  • Focus on the learning process
  • Foster self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Use age appropriate materials and activities
  • Teach to student interests
  • Learning is fun!



"After first using another practice, we were thrilled to find Melissa to work with our daughter on speech issues.  She welcomed and encouraged parent involvement, made a concerted effort to connect with our daughter on a personal level, and made each session not only efficient, but also fun.  We really appreciated her honesty and integrity in assessing her issues and letting us know when we were ready to discontinue services.  She is highly qualified and experienced, used a variety of methods, and gave our daughter the tools and confidence to succeed.  We cannot recommend Melissa highly enough!"  Kelly A.