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Service & Fee Schedule


Individual Sessions (50-minutes) are $50 per session.  This fee also applies to consult time with parents, outside therapists/professionals, and with contracted school districts/agencies. 

Social Skills Groups (90-minutes).  6-Week Sessions are $360.  Classes are grouped by age: Monday Afterschool Snack Group (5-7), Wednesday Afterschool Snack Group(8-10).   Want to form a group for older students, lets talk!   

Fall Session:  Mondays (10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/26)

                       Wednesdays (10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/28)


If you do not have a current evaluation in the area of concern an evaluation   must be booked prior to scheduling individual sessions  .  Evaluations help to identify strengths and weaknesses so that treatment objectives/goals can be determined.  They are also a useful tool to measure progress. 

Evaluations are chosen to assess specific areas of concern (Articulation, Expressive Language, Fluency, Listening Skills, Oral-Motor Skills, Phonological Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Receptive Language, Social Language Skills/Pragmatics, Vocabulary, Voice, Written Language) .  There are three options available for evaluations. 

Comprehensive evaluations are the administration of a full-assessment.  Depending on individual needs it could be a single test with multiple subtests and/or more than one test to evaluate different areas of concern to provide comprehensive diagnostic information.  This type of assessment costs $200-$250 and includes review of any previous documentation, review of parent questionnaire upon completion, and a comprehensive, detailed report with recommendations.

Limited evaluations are provided for a specific area of concern (one subtest or specific test).  This type of assessment costs $100 with a one hour allowance for completion.  One test will be administered in the area of concern (e.g., speech/articulation).  This includes review of any previous documentation, review of parent questionnaire upon completion, and a  comprehensive, detailed report with recommendations. 

Preschool Speech & Language Screening (ages 3-5).  Want to quickly assess if your child's communication skills meet typical developmental milestones? This Preschool Screening evaluates articulation and vocabulary, ability to repeat/imitate sentences (memory, grammatical structure), receptive and expressive language (following directions/answering questions), describing actions (expressive language, grammatical structure, use of verbs), and sequencing events.  This type of assessment costs $65.  A brief summary of results will be provided.

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Parents will be verbally updated at each session and provided with home carry-over strategies.  If parents would like consult time, this can be scheduled and will be billed at the hourly rate.  Written Updates will be provided for your records or to share with other professionals upon request.  

A travel fee per session may be assessed for each home, school, daycare visit depending on distance.

Complimentary text and e-mail support are available without additional charges.



  • Scheduled office sessions must be cancelled at least 2 hours in advance by phone/e-mail/text or you will be billed a $25 fee.
  • All payments are due when the service is provided. 
  • Reports will not be provided until payment is received.
  • Payment may be made with cash, or check.

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