Individual Services

Special Play (Ages Birth-5)

Provides parent/caregiver training and support.  Each session will target individual needs.  Therapeutic activities are designed to meet specific developmental milestones in speech, language, oral-motor/feeding,social skills,and play skills.  Strategies and support will be given to parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) related to identifying and creating opportunities to facilitate communication; leading play activities; learning to respond to the actions initiated by their children; taking advantage of "teachable moments" throughout the day; and adapting their child's environment so they can participate as an integral family member.

Traditional Speech-Language Services 

Remediation provided in the following areas: Ability to communicate non-verbal/verbal; augmentative communication; vocabulary and concept development; speech sound production/articulation/phonological disorders; grammar; stuttering/fluency; increasing understanding with what is said or following directions; functional communication/life skills; social skills; behavior difficulties related to limited communication skills; oral-motor function effecting speech/eating/feeding skills; pre-literacy/literacy skills; reading comprehension; executive functioning/study skills (notetaking, organization, prioritization, strategies for test taking); disturbances related to voice (pitch, loudness, quality); written language.

*Adult services also available on a case-by-case basis.


Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluations are provided for multiple areas of concern with your child's Speech & Language development

Limited Evaluations are also available in a given area of concern.

Pre-School Speech & Language Screening (ages 3-5)

Center and Home Based Services & Consultations

Services are primarily provided at Metrowest Speech & Language Center.  However, home services/consultation and services at outside facilities (e.g., daycare centers and schools) may be provided as necessary. *Additional fees may apply to offsite services